Outbound Services

Our outbound call center services provide the fuel that every growing business needs. From generating new prospects to driving new appointments and ensuring follow-up on leads, our outbound call center is the perfect accompaniment to a hard-working sales team.

In today’s competitive world, it is no longer enough to have an excellent product or service. In order to remain visible and relevant, you must reach out to an active customer base to showcase it. An effective outsourced sales team is more cost-efficient in removing the noise from the sales process, i.e. digging through the competitive landscape to generate leads and prospects.

Here’s why you need an outbound call center to remain competitive:

  • Hiring a professional outbound call center for prospecting or cold calling ensures that your core in-house sales team can focus on activities that matter. This helps in getting the optimum utilization from both the in-house team as well as the outsourced call center.
  • The biggest fear for a growing business is making a huge investment in resources and infrastructure, without a guaranteed return on this investment. In collaborating with an outbound call center, you do not have to worry about fixed costs associated with sales process and can focus instead on growing your business more efficiently.
  • Cold calling and customer interactions associated with generating leads require a higher level of perseverance and a different skill set as well as regular monitoring and supervision for quality. A dedicated outbound call center such as ours with trained facility and staff can help you ensure that only the best are tasked with securing leads for your business.

What are the outbound call center services we provide?

    • Tele-marketing and promotions

Telemarketing thorough our outbound services is a cost-effective direct-to-consumer marketing method to increase your sales using external expertise. We provide the much-needed augmented boost to reach out to maximum number of customers in order to boost your sales. We also ensure that through effective messaging there is a definite enhancement in your brand presence amongst your customer base.

    • B2B lead generation / Appointment Setting

Our team of trained agents align closely with your business requirements and pitch to work on a dedicated database of customers. Through effective targeting of accounts, we identify qualified and sales-ready leads and book confirmed appointments, which are then handed over to your sales reps. Our intensive training process eliminates your overhead cost of hiring and training an inside sales staff for your B2B business. From cold calling new customers to ensuring effective follow-up on existing leads, we can provide extended support to your sales team.

    • Virtual Assistance

Our virtual assistants perform a gamut of functions ranging from cold calling and business prospecting to appointment setting, market research and survey as well as data collection and lead generation. Our assistants are exquisitely trained to represent your company and collect the requisite data efficiently on your behalf. Our CRMs ensures that all your customer data is handled with utmost confidence and shared only on with the resources on your project.

    • Pre and Post Event Marketing

Any event and trade show planning is incomplete without our call center services that can maximize event outreach using a multi-channel mix of emails, phone calls and other digital and traditional channels. Post event, leverage our unique services to identify, engage and convert leads gathered from the event.

    • Email campaign follow-ups

Your email campaigns can have a multiplied effect on your customer base through the use of our accompanying call center services. You can use our services to ask for specific feedback and call-to-action, generate repeat business or upsell your business.