Our Domain Expertise

At Markable Solutions, we understand that your business needs are unique. Depending on the requirements of your industry, we will help you build the right customer support team that comprises of the right balance of trained agents and subject matter experts handling customer support across multiple channels. Our domain expertise pans across the following industries:


As technology companies deliver innovative products and solutions to their customers, they also need to provide seamless support to these customers. From actively seeking user feedback to proactively identifying and resolving bugs, customer experience is a key component of software usage and support. At Markable Solutions, our highly trained workforce equipped with the necessary technical knowledge can not only hold intelligent conversation with the customer, but also deliver skilled phone, chat and email support that helps your brand gain customer trust and loyalty.


With the advent of competitive new telecom technologies and data networks, as companies race to invest in new infrastructure, they must also provide exceptional service to their customers in order to retain them. Our telecom services help companies connect with their customers across multiple touch points seamlessly, so that there is a unified brand experience and minimal switching. Our inbound and outbound services also help you in selling product and service bundles that ensures continued revenue generation.


Healthcare and health insurance providers need to actively engage and converse with patients across multiple channels. We provide HIPAA compliant contact center services that ensure privacy and safety of patient data. Our healthcare experts and trained teams help in engaging patients through a variety of channels ranging from mobile apps to online platforms, call centers, emails, etc.

Travel and Hospitality

The new-age traveler expects a smooth flow of information across the booking cycle as they plan their travel and stay. Even though the information is easily available online, a human touch is often needed to address the customer needs that stem from the personalization of travel. Our travel and hospitality contact center solutions provide empathetic multilingual support across the globe to address customer questions and queries on bookings and itineraries.

Retail and E-commerce

In order to make the shopping experience more immersive in the digital and physical shopping world, brands are now interacting with their consumers across a variety of channels. A key aspect of our retail and e-commerce strategy is to provide an integrated omni-channel approach so that customers have a unified experience when they interact over multiple channels or switch from one channel to another.


Call center services lie at the core of a great customer experience in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Industry. 24X7X365 customer support is an absolute necessity for this sector. Our expertise lies in not only handling customer queries and providing timely assistance to customers, but also cross-selling and up-selling the portfolio of products and services to new and existing customers.

Consumer Products

The consumer industry has undergone a massive disruption in the past few years as focus has shifted from traditional channels of marketing and advertising to new-age digital business models. We help consumer products companies engage actively with their customers and make deeper inroads into newer and local markets.