The need for business expansion has made it necessary for businesses to be able to connect with their customers regardless of their language and geographical location. As businesses explore new demographics and enter new geographic markets, they must provide services, assistance and engagement in the customer’s native language for easy acceptance and access.


  • Providing business services and customer support to customers in their vernacular language leaves a positive imprint on them. Using our language-specific customer support solutions, your customers can not only relate with your brand values, but also connect with you on an emotional level. This leads to the development of brand loyalty.
  • Communicating with customers in their native language ensures that the message is not lost in translation. This is particularly important because every negative interaction leads to unhappy customers, which creates a negative buzz and a potential loss of business. Our solutions ensure that, by communicating with customers in their chosen vernacular language, you are able to connect effectively and disseminate the message in the most optimal manner. This leads to significantly lower complaints and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Another benefit of the multilingual call center is that the efficiency of interactions and communications is increased manifold. Our agents are able to achieve better conversions and fewer escalations with faster turnaround time.
  • Our call center employs the best hand-selected talent that is fluent in different languages and proficient in the associated regional cultures. These multilingual call center agents not only provide local language support, but also recognize, understand and communicate using localized colloquialisms. This helps them connect with the customers on a personal level.
  • Using a multilingual call center also helps you save costs. Instead of providing customer support services via centers in multiple regional locations, you can execute your customer engagement strategy centrally. This also provides you with better control over the training, communication, operative processes and their related outcomes.
  • Our years of expertise have helped us hone our ability to connect with people from different cultures. We also carry with us the deep knowledge of working in different geographies and the intricacies of working with the native population there. Further, we also understand the characteristics of local customers, their values and traditions. This knowledge empowers us to effectively serve our clients by helping them stay ahead of their competitors.
  • We support over 22 languages ranging from Mandarin, spoken by over 1.2 billion people to Spanish, the second-most popular language in the world today, as well as most European and Asian languages. Here’s a complete list of languages supported by us:
  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Portuguese
  5. German
  1. Dutch
  2. Mandarin
  3. Thai
  4. Korean
  5. Cantonese
  1. Filipino
  2. Hindi
  3. Gujarati
  4. Marathi
  5. Kannada
  1. Malayalam
  2. Tamil
  3. Telugu
  4. Bengali
  5. Odia
  1. Assamese
  2. Punjabi