360° Customer Support Services

Markable Solutions provides scalable 360° customer support services that improve engagement and drive sales.

Build meaningful, strong relationships with your customers through 360-degree customer support operations.

If you’re serious in taking your business to greater heights, you must understand the importance of customer service and figure out what it is that sets you apart from the competition. In fact, a lot of companies handling customer support services are seeking various marketing solutions that can help them improve their customer support operations.

By outsourcing a 360-degree customer support services, you will be able to provide the much-needed attention to your customers, so you can focus on the core of your business.

How Markable Solutions Can Help Boost Your Customer Support Services?

With the influx of technologies such as social media platforms, mobile devices, and video customer support services, the different avenues on which customers may interact have proliferated making the task of accumulating the data from these various interactions more challenging to reach.

A 360-degree customer view is a strategic approach that helps businesses provide the best customer experience across all channels. It also provides a consolidated view of all customer touchpoints with all department involvement in customer relationships. Outsourcing it to a reliable, full-service marketing agency provides your company the flexibility it needs erratic changes in growth.

Markable Solutions’ 360-degree customer support services aid through both inbound and outbound call center services to ensure that your brand is always available for its customers. Not only we help you generate higher sales through easier and painless acquisitions of customers, we also handhold them through the post-sales process and implement the much-needed support in a multitude of channels and languages. Below are four key benefits of outsourcing our 360° customer support services:

Augmented Customer Intelligence

A 360-degree customer view boosts your customer management strategy by providing an accurate, complete picture of customer activities and preferences.

Personalized Customer Experience

To further personalize the service delivered to customers, a 360-degree customer view can help companies handling customer service operations capture information such as contact preferences and purchase history.

Seamless Customer Service

When the data gathered from a 360-degree customer view is converted into actionable insights, customer support services companies can use it to deliver the right services at the right time, regardless of where the interactions took place.

Guaranteed Customer Loyalty

Getting new customers is essential for starting a business, but keeping them coming back is the key to long-term success. Having a 360-degree customer view helps businesses form a closer one-to-one relationship with customers, which guarantees customer loyalty.

Why Outsource to Us?

With so many B2B customer support services provider in the world, Markable Solutions stands above the rest because of the following reasons:
  • Creating a world where customers feel valued during support interactions plays a crucial role in establishing the best customer service practices in this growing industry. Our 360-degree customer services ensure the high quality of every interaction that can generate potential leads.
  • Markable Solutions’ focus on standardization of processes and interactions safeguards that our call center services are cost-effective and provide a larger return on investment.
  • Our team is composed of highly-skilled professionals who invested a lot of time and effort to give their customers what they really need – building relationships to boost customer retention.
  • We build brand reputation and help clients gain competitive advantages, as well as guarantee high-cost savings and worry-free services.

Do you want to outsource our scalable 360° customer support services?