Frequently Asked Questions about Call Center Outsourcing

Find answers to all of the questions you might have regarding outsourcing your call center services to us.

What are the service hours of your call center?

We provide round the clock services i.e. 24X7X365 to our clients.

Can you provide support in local or vernacular languages?

Absolutely! We support over 22 major languages spoken across the globe.

Do you provide both inbound and outbound support?

Yes, we provide inbound support involving customer engagement and support tasks such as help-desk, query handling and social media support. We also provide inbound technical support services such as issues resolution, ticketing management and software support. We also help customers with outbound services such as tele-marketing and promotion, lead generation, event marketing, appointment setting and virtual assistance.

Which domains do you support?

We support all the competitive business domains ranging from technology to finance, telecom, consumer, healthcare, travel and hospitality and retail and e-commerce.

How do you ensure quality?

Our Customer Support Services team is composed of well-experienced and rigorously-trained agents, who are overseen by team leads and project managers. Our well-crafted QA processes include continuous monitoring and evaluations by a well-qualified QA team.

Do you also provide support for digital channels?

Yes, we provide support for new-age channels such as social media and chat along with email, video chat and virtual assistance.

How do you ensure that calls are not lost when the phone line is busy?

We endeavour to ensure minimal or no lost calls. Therefore, when the phone line is busy, calls are transferred to the nearest available agent or transferred and recorded into voice mail as per our service level agreement with you.

How much do your services cost?

Our costs are extremely competitive as we focus on providing quality business support at a cost advantage. The exact cost of the project would depend on a number of variables such as the level of support needed, the technical skill of the agent required and the volume of inbound or outbound work desired. Please reach out to us for a customized quote.

Will my customers know I have outsourced my operations?

Our agents are trained on your company values and messaging. The training as well as operations of our call center operations is designed so that it meets the highest standards across the world. Your customers will not be able to deduce that the operations are outsourced.

Will the call center agents be working for other clients?

No, we ensure that each agent is fully trained and completely dedicated to execute a single project. This ensures that the agent is able to imbibe your company and brand values as well as focus completely on the given task.

Does your system record all calls?

Yes, all calls that are made through our CRM are recorded and stored on a secure FTP server. We ensure that we are compliant with the necessary state laws that are pertinent to the client.

Why should I outsource my call center operations to you?

We work closely with you to ensure that our agents are an extension of your business. We provide an industry-specific approach with rich expertise that understand and address your challenges better. We also bring agility and flexibility to your business, which ensures that you can scale faster and in a cost-effective manner.