Inbound Services

An inbound call center lies at the heart of any customer-centric business. The driving principle of our inbound customer services is to achieve customer satisfaction.

Why do you need our inbound call center services?

In today’s competitive world, customers need an instant resolution to their queries, issues and complaints. Providing easy access to the customer through a ubiquitous presence through multiple channels is one of the easiest way to build a great customer experience. Outsourcing to our call inbound call center services has a number of benefits:

  • Easy and improved access for your customers through their preferred method of communication.
  • Faster resolution to customer complaints and escalation, thus improving customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce your operational cost by outsourcing to an experienced call center that ensures a return of investment
  • Build a loyal and strong customer base by providing a faster response time and reduced waiting time to support queries.
  • Overall improved customer experience provided by synchronized messaging and uniform experience through all channels of inbound communication

What are the inbound services we provide?

Customer Engagement and Support Services

We provide end-to-end customer engagement services that are backed by technology and a trained resource pool, which ensures that all teams collaborate with each other and are aligned with your customer needs.

      • Help-desk support / Customer Care

Our dedicated round-the-clock customer care support in multiple languages ensures that we provide low-cost and extremely effective customer care to your customers through the channel of their choice ranging from traditional channels such as mail, IVR and voice-based channels to digital channels such as email, chat, social support, video chat and virtual assistance.

      • Pre-sales and post-sales support

Our pre-sales and post-sales support services are the perfect accompaniment to your marketing campaigns and sales cycles and can help you achieve improved conversion, increased retention and repeat purchase.

      • Order and payment management

From handling queries on product details and availability to handholding customers on order processing and providing confirmation on order confirmation and dispatch, our call center services are designed to complement to all your order and payment related business needs.

      • Query resolution

Our call center solutions ensure that there is a higher First Call Resolution (FCR) through an extremely trained staff and the use of multiple channels. Irrespective of the channel through which the query is generated, we ensure a quick response time and lower average handling times for your customers.

      • Call answering

Our 24/7 call answering service ensure that you will never lose a business prospect or customer. Our trained agents will answer your business calls as per your company policies and standards, ensuring customer satisfaction.

      • Social media customer support

Our social customer care services are especially designed to address the customer queries and issues keeping in mind your brand values as well as your public image.

Technical Support – L1 and L2

From standard L1 support for usage-related problems, logs, incident prioritization and basic service requests to advanced L2 support that requires in-depth expertise, our talented pool can provide the right balance to your needs.

      • Basic application/software support

These include fulfilling general technical support and troubleshooting, remote installation and assistance as well as maintenance requests.

      • Issues resolution

We work closely with your business to ensure that customer issues and complaints are handled delicately, promptly and in tandem with your processes.

      • Ticket management

Our experts work seamlessly to help resolve tickets faster with minimal wait times.

      • Troubleshooting

Our troubleshooting team has the capability to handle a multitude of issues ranging from hardware to software to tech services.

      • Signup/activation support

Our process-defined approach guides your customers through signup and activation, ensuring minimal drop-out at the same time answering customer queries to the utmost satisfaction.

      • Upgrade support

By providing robust upgrade support and services, we can help you convert your existing customers to a higher priced plan.