Our Customer Support Strategy

In today’s digital world, customers interact with businesses across a multitude of channels and multiple touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. An exceptional customer experience can give businesses a competitive edge by increasing engagement and building loyalty.

The customer landscape has also evolved over the years. As business markets turn more competitive, customers are becoming increasingly demanding. They expect a prompt response and immediate resolution of their request or issue, irrespective of the channel. Therefore, it is important to create a connected, seamless and parallel experience across the entire customer journey.

What is Integrated Customer Support Strategy?

To address the challenges that arise due to digitally savvy and impatient customers, businesses need to have omnipresence across channels. This also helps them build a competitive advantage through exceptional customer service.

Our integrated customer support strategy helps you combine the power of traditional channels such as voice calls, IVR, mails and modern digital channels such as emails, chat, social media, video chat and more. Traditional channels, such as phone and email are a must-have for all businesses. Increasingly, however, we have seen customers preferring new-age digital channels such as mobile messaging (SMS), messaging apps (e.g. Facebook Messenger), social media, live chat, video, or even in-app support for their support queries and issues.

Whether traditional or digital, an integrated approach to customer support guarantees that the customer receives the same brand experience irrespective of the channel chosen. An integrated customer support strategy also allows you to delight customers with convenience and choice.

We work with you to deliver and transform every aspect of customer service starting from service request to completion. Our teams are trained to handle multiple channels, requests and messages, so that a seamless and consistent customer experience is delivered through an integrated multichannel approach.

Advantages of an integrated customer support strategy

Customers today prefer more than one channel to interact with the business. Providing different options to the customer ensures that customers can choose from their preferred channel. It also sends a positive signal that help is always at hand and increases the level of the customer’s trust with the business.

  • More options lead to more convenience: Different customers have different preferences for their communication. By providing different options to the customer, businesses can ensure that customers can choose from their preferred channel. A multi-channel approach also sends a positive signal that help is always at hand and increases the trust with the business.
  • Integrating different channels saves cost: Different channels have a different cost associated with them. For instance, not every interaction requires a human element. By offering an integrated approach, not only can you provide customers flexibility, you can also spend the right amount on the right channel.
  • Providing a cohesive customer experience: By implementing a unified multi-faceted front across all channels of communication, we can help you align all your business messaging to create a cohesive and parallel brand experience.
  • Building brand loyalty: A delightful customer experience soon becomes the hallmark of a company and helps in building customer loyalty and retention.