Call Center Challenges and Solutions

With the advent of customer-centric businesses, call centers are a key apparatus of a business model success. These call centers need to be business-focused, standardized, and scalable. Providing quality call center services needs a combination of expertise, infrastructure and constant innovation, which may not be adequately addressed by in-house teams.

Challenges of Delivering Customer Satisfaction 

  • Low levels of customer satisfaction: In-house teams within the business often find themselves overwhelmed with customer support calls and tickets. As business requirements fluctuate with seasons and trends, the in-house call center often finds it difficult to handle the varying volumes. This leads to dissatisfied customers, and reduced customer retention and loyalty.
  • Difficult to handle omni-channel support: Most small call center operations are able to handle only one or two support channels and this leaves a vast majority of customers unattended and irate.
  • Handling customer expectations: Since in-house call centers are unable to handle multiple customer support calls and technical support tickets simultaneously, they also find it difficult to answer customer queries satisfactorily.
  • Building consistency in customer support: Consistency in messaging and service can only be achieved by providing homogenous messaging and customer handling across all business touchpoints and channels.
  • Providing round-the-clock support: Small-scale contact centers are unable to offer 24/7 customer support services to their customers, a key necessity in today’s world.

Outsourcing customer service can have a transformative effect on your business. It can also help you provide seamless and standardized service to your customers.

According to the Deloitte 2018 Global Outsourcing Survey, approximately 84 percent of organizations surveyed have either initiated discussions, conducted pilots, or have outsourced at least some solutions.

Outsourcing contact services gives you the advantage of focusing on your core business offerings and value chain. At the same time, small and mid-sized businesses can provide excellent customer service without diverting resources or infrastructure towards building an in-house call center.

Top reasons to outsource your call center requirements 

  • Outsourcing call centers is Cost-effective: Building the levers of customer service in-house requires a high amount of investment into infrastructure and expertise. In addition, there is a constant need of upgradation, training and maintenance of human capital and infrastructure. Outsourcing customer service can allow you to divert these resources into your core business, thereby allowing you to focus on providing great customer service at the fraction of a cost.
  • Outsourcing provides flexibility and scalability: Call center outsourcing will allow a company to be ready to address changing, fluctuating, as well as new market needs.
  • Faster turn-around-time and fewer escalations: Dedicated outsourced contact center operations allow the team to be focused on addressing customer queries and providing support. This lowers average customer handling time and improves experience.
  • Continuous Customer Support on a 24x7x365 days basis: An outsourced call center can help in building business continuity by providing continued support around the clock and across different customer time zones.
  • Preserves brand perception and experience: By continued collaboration and increased responsiveness, an outsourced contact center can help you improve your brand perception and gain a competitive edge.
  • Provide quality stream of leads with reduced sales cycle: An inbound call center can provide better leads for your business and upsurge cross-sells.